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The Gibbous Moon
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This throws new light on our sesqui-square difficulties: perhaps the tough situations it brings feel more calamitous than they really are.

New Moon Cycle

We experience a negative event recalling the square inside this aspect ; it seems unexpected, beyond our control. But it might also be of our own making somehow, seeded by some oversight, wrong view, or prior miscalculation.

This may be harder to recognize, as a big dust cloud of emotion the semi-square on top of the square can rise up and obscure the true cause and real size of our problem. Instead we shake a big frustrated fist at the world.

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Tierney correlates the sesqui-square with the fire sign Leo. Its association with fire is unmistakable: we can feel it in our anger! Also Leo-like, our emotional display is often childish, egotistical. We act from the center of our own little world, refusing to cooperate with things as they are. We're obnoxious and bratty.

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Forget an astrologer: maybe we just need a nap! It's tempting to look the other way when childishness pokes through our adult veneer. Especially when the trigger seems so trivial. We'll let our anger blaze until it burns itself out.

The Gibbous Moon - Astrodienst

Especially if it's a natal aspect, we'll likely do this again and again, until we finally recognize what is happening. When irritations come during the monthly Gibbous Moon, or during the three to four years of our progressed Gibbous phase, or when a transiting planet is in a sesqui-square aspect to our chart, we should take special note and pinch ourselves awake.

At these times, whenever a problem pops out of the closet, we have a fresh opportunity to fix something deep. Like that little edge of Gibbous Moon you just can't see, hiding beneath my checkout-line irritation was a deeper problem with time. This was the darkness that stood between me and my fullness. An innocent trip to the store could draw out my demons: my impatience, my need to win, to always be on time and ahead of time, even when I had no particular place to go. How could I learn to go with the flow?

I needed some new tricks, new games, some more creativity. I had to shop in a sillier mood. The day I finally got comfy with being in the slow line was a great one. As the Cat in the Hat might have winked, "Now you will see something new! Whatever seems to thwart us with the sesqui-square reveals a major secret we've been keeping from ourselves: a blindspot of confusion and helplessness, lying just underneath our surface awareness. We get to see how we're yet unschooled, unable to accept life on life's terms.

We can use its energy to burn through our immaturity.

In harmony with the Moon

We can be more like the Cat in the Hat: wildly creative Leo. We can laugh at how seriously we've taken ourselves. We can transform our minor event into a major self-development also Leo. Big irritations shrink to minor status again. Perhaps it's not surprising that the bookshelves of people born at the Gibbous Moon are often crammed with self-help and self-development books. Though its energetic style is different from the sesqui-square, it works by way of tension too.

It's frustrating. No matter what we try, desired outcomes seem just out of our reach - until we learn that we ourselves have been sending them away. In the chart of a Gibbous client, the Sun representing father and Moon representing mother were in a quincunx aspect. She told me that her father used to beat her mother, which made her hate him.

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Yet when she and her mother finally ran away, changing their identities so he couldn't track them down, my client re-invented her father and began to idolize him. Now her mother was to blame. Either way she was miserable. What she wanted, of course, was a safe and happy home, but getting there took many adjustments and a lot of inner work. An aspect of degrees, the quincunx brings into relationship planetary energies of incompatible elements and modes. A fire sign is paired with a water sign; earth is paired with air. A fixed planet must relate to a cardinal one; a mutable planet has to work with a fixed one.

The quincunx shows where energies aren't easily coordinated. There's effort, but it doesn't seem to get us anywhere. We act from one end of the aspect and it creates a wobble at the other end. Situations keep feeling out of balance. It's like we're being asked to reconcile the irreconcilable.

We feel hopeless and drained. A quincunx generally won't force the crisis a square does, nor bring the confrontation of an opposition. It's more like a hair-pulling puzzle. In a natal chart the quincunx often points to a nagging problem that runs throughout our life, the one we're never quite able to solve. When a quincunx arrives by transit or progression, it can start as a small annoyance, then it builds; or everything seems to go wrong at once. It's as though the time had a negative momentum all its own and chasing the solution only increases our frustrations. The cat takes a bath in the little boy's house and it leaves a pink ring round the bathtub.

Oh no! The cat wipes the ring with mother's white dress and now the stain has jumped to the dress. The cat flicks the stain on the wall.

1. New Moon (Beginning Again)

That won't do! On it goes, until the pink stain jumps from the rug, to the bed, to the television, until outside the window, the snowy landscape is covered with pink spots. But the cat is a keen problem-solver.

Sue talks about what each moon phase you were born under means

He takes off his hat and, one-by-one, reveals a team of allies, 26 progressively smaller cats-in-hats, each named for a letter of the alphabet. Together they clean up the mess. It's a good description of how we can also respond to our quincunx situations: with the intelligence beneath our own hats. We must parse our instincts into finer and finer points. We must discriminate among them, becoming more selective in which to use when. Through analysis we reassemble our discordant energies into a brilliantly coordinated, more productive response. But it also promises a lot.

If we wonder 'what's going to happen' at this Moon phase, we may need to brace ourselves for irritations and difficulties. Yet if we approach it as an opportune time for creative action, if we ask 'what can I do,' we'll likely accomplish great things. The last and brightest of the Cat's little cats is Cat Z. So small, yet so powerful, he's impossible to see. That may be a good description for the quincunx solution.

You're most at home when deep in the throes of a satisfying project that has a natural culmination point on the horizon. You are reflective and seek the bigger picture. You are opening to self-actualization, and want to make sure no stone is left unturned and in the dark. You can lean toward an intellectual outlook. You are always on the verge of bringing your ideas to fruition. As a leader, you get others excited, from your sense of onward and upward progress. You may be very self-directed and focused on specific goals for achievement.

You can accomplish a lot when you've fixed on these substantial goals. The gibbous moon is either the last phase before the moon reaches fullness or the first phase after the full moon.